Generalizing CSR by adding measurable value to corporations and society, carrying out works on the adoption and implementation of CSR, managing the processes related to these works in favor of the parties


Suitably our mission, following international developments related to CSR concept and practices, editing so that it will be useful for our society and corporations we provide services by applying these developments in our country, providing benefit to society and corporation for sustainable development by adding measurable value to all parties we provide services, adopting CSR with principled implementations that contribute our country's social, cultural and environmental development and raising awareness on this issue.


SU CSR at its entire works;

Respect to the individual and society,

Commitment to business ethics,

Confidentiality of information and documents,

Accuracy of the information flow,

Continuity relationship based on customer satisfaction,

has adopted the principle.


Our fundamental quality policy with corporate vision which leading the sector with our years of knowledge and experience in corporate social responsibility / sustainability consulting and always preferred in the first;

  • Provide quality services to our customers and all parties which is affected, at the first time and every time
  • Add value to society and country that we live with our activities
  • Ensure the adoption of corporate social responsibility / sustainability principles
  • Always prioritize unconditional customer satisfaction in our entire service chain from our suppliers to our customers and society
  • Ensure the effectiveness of our quality management system and continuous improvement, comply with national and international values and standards, legal, customer and quality management system requirements,
  • Increase the knowledge and skills with the trainings of our entire team
  • Ensure the continuity of the trust to our company of all parties affected by our service

SUCSR performs its services in accordance with the ISO 9001 |2008.

SUCSR is the GRI Organizational Stakeholder.