In 60s, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept came up in the world within the context of only legal obligations, and it has begun to take its current shape since the second half of the 90s

Turkey has met with CSR as a business approach with the leadership of SUCSR since 2000s


Consulting & Training

In fact, we are consulting you. To you, to your stakeholders and all the facts that you interact. We are consulting to your future.

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CSR Implementing

We use the power of our experience. We are giving importance as you are when we are doing.

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CSR Research & Reports

When we see a throwen paper in a dustbin, we read it. When we see a shepherd on a hill top, we talk to him. We are trying to understand the future without skipping anything

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SUCSR performs its services in accordance with the ISO 9001 |2008.

SUCSR is the GRI Organizational Stakeholder.