2013 With CSR training projects, has reached nearly 25 million people since its inception, has told the CSR to 500 company 3000 executive and has given the CSR training to 2200 people

2007 - 2008 has published sectoral magazine named "CSR Magazine"

2007 - 2008 5 complimentary summit, CSR meetings entitled, has organized about global warming, foundlings, water resources, people with disabilities and human rights.

2007 has signed the UN Global Compact.

2007 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES) has been applied for the first time.

2007 has become the GRI Organizational Stakeholder.

2007 has written the first GRI approved CSR / Sustainability report.

2007 Corporate Social Responsibility performance has been reported according to internationally recognized indicators.

2007 Corporate Social Responsibility performance has been measured for the first time.

2007 has published Accountability Rating Turkey 2007.

2006 has been member of AccountAbility's specialized organization.

2005 Social Responsibility "institutionalized", SuCSR has positioned itself as Turkey's first comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant company.

2001 has taken its first industry award.

1992 Social Responsibility has been a business model.

1990 Social Responsibility has not been a business model yet.

SUCSR performs its services in accordance with the ISO 9001 |2008.

SUCSR is the GRI Organizational Stakeholder.